“Dedicated to all the moments that make a family, a home.”

For over 76 years we’ve been creating customised projects for serving the private public ,architects, interior designers and contractors: projects modelled on evolving tastes and trends, defined by a search for stellar brands.

First as producers, then as designers, our task is to create settings of unique comfort and beauty: all built on our meticulous attention to details, materials, products, excellence and… family.

Starting out as manufacturers


In the late 1950s Giacomo and Fernanda Walcher founded a sofa manufacturing company. At the time, new furniture companies like these were a common sight in the Friuli Venezia Giulia region and emblematic of Italy’s booming economy.

Built on a long tradition of craftsmanship – as highlighted by the hand-carved wood and meticulously selected fabrics – the young Walcher grew fast: so much so that it was an exhibitor at the Salone del Mobile right from the earliest editions of the ‘60s, making a name for itself worldwide.

A combination of extensive experience in terms of raw materials and production processes, plus a natural flair for understanding consumer tastes and trends, soon sharpened Giacomo and Fernanda’s business instincts.

This led to the Walcher of modern times: a company founded on solid entrepreneurial and family-oriented values, built around people’s needs and the world of decor and design.


History as a business


Unmatched craftsmanship, meticulous selection of raw materials and outstanding expertise in upholstery remain the Walcher cornerstones to this day.

To stand out from the competition while maintaining the familiar, welcoming look and feel that had made it so successful, Walcher had a local illustrator design a new logo, the now instantly recognisable elephant, asleep on an armchair: a global symbol of comfort and durability.

In 1942, with the opening of a large accessories and furnishings showroom, Walcher made the Friuli province a mecca for lovers of design, high-end brands and timeless beauty.

A commitment to design


With more than 15 internal partners, plus a team of professionals carrying out delivery and assembly not just in Italy and Europe but also in Thailand and the USA, the long-standing Walcher outlet with showroom has a broad range of furnishing items and accessories. Customers can also count on design services for home, office and contract solutions.

This unique combination of extremely high-quality products – which have played a key role in the history of international design – and painstaking attention to personalised details can only stem from direct human relationships.